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Pam Noah's Christian Concerts

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.The Music is Beautiful,

The Message is Bible Based,

Testimony is Inspirational.


Since 1995, Pam has presented Living in the Light of Christ and Hearing the Call to thousands in Churches, parks, auditoriums and schools across the country.

Living in the Light of Christ  reminds us we need to be a shining example of a Christ like life. The words, and music are gentle reminders of the beautiful example God has given us in Jesus. Every song has been specially chosen to develop the theme of Living in the Light of Christ.

“Here I am Lord” introduces  Hearing the Call.  This Concert has the power to draw us to a greater commitment of service to the Church and community.  The concert closes with  Here is my life, Lord, it’s the least I can give.”

Because the music and message of each concert is so powerful, Hearing the Call and Living In the Light of Christ have often been scheduled for the regular Sunday worship service.  However the broad appeal of the message and music create an opportunity to reach out to the community and invite your neighbors and friends to a wonderful community event.   The concerts are well received by youth, especially Hearing the Call, because of its powerful call to service.  Pam enjoys an opportunity to meet everyone who attends one of her concerts.  When appropriate a reception, after a concert, is appreciated.

Hearing the Call and Living in the Light of Christ can vary from 50-70 minutes 

We do our best to control costs so that we can make Hearing the Call and Living In the Light of Christ available to rural Churches and towns as well as to larger Churches. The cost of a Pam Noah Concert can often be covered by a love gift offering.

For Information about Pam Noah's Christian concert ministry, demo CDs, and concert bookings,

Please contact us at  Ark Ministries.

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